Prototype on the way

I traded mom groceries from the store for an amazon order of blank playing cards. She also ordered a folding game board that is also blank. 

SPR is very well on the way toward a complete game, but I still haven’t gotten to playtest the latest ideas. The plan is to do this today. Yet, this house has too much chaos to even sit and think. 

Here’s the pictures:


2 thoughts on “Prototype on the way

  1. April Brickhouse

    I’m very interested in the blank cards & board. I didn’t know you could even buy such. Can’t wait to see what kind of game you are going to make. Wanna give some trailers without being spoilers?


    1. Hey!! Never saw this message. That was a passing trend and I swapped the game ideas. I do have the details for Scissor Paper Rock and it was fairly playable.

      Needs playtesting. We should set it up over Christmas time.


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