I’m pretty much obsessed now. 

I’m in deep. I have four or five games in the works. SPR is the most basic and I’ve gotten a few iterations of design and play. Since it’s a quick 2 player game with minimal cards, the cycles have been quick. 
SoG is next up and modeled after Dream Quest (awesome game on app). This should help me determine values of cards and actions, enhance my critique of changes to the system, and who knows what else.
IoM(IoE?) is the most favorite of the ideas and should be built around much of the same mechanics as SoG, which is a deck-builder with character classes, multiple forms of attack, magic (or magic like), xp, and mostly: optional ways to customize your play style. 
Though, the project I initially wanted was to be nearly like axis & allies, but with the use of cards and deck building. That initial concept led me here and I’d like to get back to that, but I plan to develop gaming mechanics first. 

…enough for now. 

July 6, 2017

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