Oh! Boy

I just noticed a sticky sensation tugging on my skin while scratching one foot with the other. Ahh yeah, that is the neem honey that was poured into my toenail cavity. 


Yeah, I know, right. The cavity that I created while digging out the strange substance created by toenail fungus on my right big-toe. It is easily dug out by a knife (or today by a set of calipers!! see picture). 

…I dug out the chalky white stuff in a few minutes time. In the past, I’ve packed it with sawdust, detox elixir, and benzonite clay. However, I have never managed to upkeep a treatment plan for more than a week due to my own A.D.D. problems and lack of sincere care of the issue. 

…Today, I bought some “neem honey” to eat at work with bread/toast. That’s a new fad after ditching the peanut butter & jelly routine. Afterwards, I spooned a bit into the cavity. Expecting the honey’s high level of antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties to suppress some of the *foreign invader. 

…Now, like I have planned to do for years, I should get some medical tape, gauze, and wrap a toe-cap with the honey. Tighten the tape a little to press the convex nail back to normal. Use the apple cider vinegar for soaking (that had always seemed to help). It would be interesting to heal this thing away. 

Oh yeah…the Oh! Boy

After publix denied me on offering the syrup. I quickly got over it. After all, the raw honey is plenty good enough. That horrible ingredient list on Oh! Boy has always haunted my conscience, but it really is the best syrup ever (taste-wise). I want to try some real maple syrup, cane syrup, and other raw types and mix up a concoction for myself. High Fructose Corn Syrup is of the Devil. And commercial table syrup itself is truly an abomination as well. 

I’m sure I can dig up some flavor of honey to add to the tree grease that will taste better than the very slight amount of cane syrup, mixed with commercial corn syrup that Oh! Boy offers. 

…and why don’t they seem to sell OB in Georgia anyhow?? 


*foreign invader may be a stretch, she’s lived with me for around five or six years. She saved my toe on one occasion, acting as a helmet for my toe. Slipped off the bike pedal onto asphalt, landing directly on that nail with flip-flops as my foot gear. A chunk the size of two chocolate chips was shattered from the rest of the whole. No pain, no injury, and until I could manage to neat it up, after some regrowth; it made one heck of a scratcher for the other foot. 

Sunday, 6/25/17

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