Bored at work 

For a few weeks, I have been bored of my work duties. I toy with my ideas for most of the day while biding my time. It’s not as if there isn’t plenty of work to get finished or started.

There are several roots to this situation. The morale (here) is low, due to folks leaving for new jobs. That’s no big deal except for the top 3 reasons for leaving are:

  1. Low pay
  2. Underpaid by industry standards 
  3. The unending promises for pay increase while never receiving any

Other reasons include:

  1. Management not respecting the employees
  2. Conflicts of interest within the management structure create integrity problems 
  3. Total loss of respect of your managers that has been stripped away, slowly, over time

Right now, I have an excel sheet open to detail the plans for my game. The engineering room is talking about weekend possibilities. I have Pink Floyd on the speaker. CATIA is open — just for looks. And I’m just waiting for the clock tell me it’s time to go. 

I have no hopes remaining for this company. The place is allegedly growing like wildfire, but the air feels stagnant. I don’t know anyone who is excited about their position in this facility, excluding the owner. 

For most of you, there isn’t anything new in that statement. “Yes, I hate my job and I’ve been bored since week three”. But you’ve been there for eight years… how do you do that? “It’s a job”. It drives me absolute nuts to be doing something that bores me. 

I’m stuck at the employer who refuses me OT, even though I’d love to pour my time into a worthy cause. I need to find that employer. One that lets me slip into a flow and burn down twelve hour chunks of daylight per session. Let me solve your problem and give me the leeway to do so. A place where the next task is not a near-replica of the last project.

I need a challenge, but not the challenge to keep my sanity. 

4/16/2017 Friday 

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