Engineering Class

What is wrong with me, it’s 1:13 in the am and I am not really tired. Listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast with Michael Malice. Had played a few games with a group tonight. Then bought an expansion for Dominion. 

I’m looking forward to the test-run with mom on Saturday if it doesn’t get played in tomorrow’s group. 

This card suits me well:

I love that chance card, especially if you can keep a high ratio of a single card to increase your odds. Plus there’s always an action to play the card you saw — even if it isn’t free. 

I knew it was a bad idea to drink two coffee drinks at the event; but it sure boosts my attention for the gaming — since I don’t take caffeine often. 

I’ve been thinking that I may begin a blog section with entries that may eventually get a laugh out of my work mates. As suggestion from them, sort of, they joke of documenting our conversations. As others in the past have said also. But we’ve never done so. 

… at work, open-air conversations about whatever, pretty much for half of almost every day. Some interesting topics pop up, heated arguments, and the like. 

I try to open their eyes to ideas and question their reasoning, while they attempt to correct my views and force “facts” in my face. 

…so it is a challenge on both sides. Each side remains unchanged, often. 


Anyway, so I learned how to remove a glove with much less effort than normal. I now can remove a welding glove in a mostly relaxed manner instead of ripping it forcefully across my knuckles. 

…funny thing is, I had no clue that gloves actually could be put on/off with such small effort. And now it is becoming difficult to not remove them easily. 

One day, well several days, we’ve had geography discussions which led to quizzes of the globe and of the USA. Sadly, I am horrid at geography (this is due the fact that I don’t care about geography) and named barely a quarter of states. But it was interesting and fun. 

If there’s a query in the room for an odd topic, there’s likely someone interested in the answer and a google-search is underway. It is funny lots of times and often spawned by myself. I have learned tons of stuff in that room. Not all useful, surely, but entertaining at least. 

…I should track some of this. Today, we experimented (for me) after they witnessed me attempting the iPhone with headphones. I thought I was maybe using proper technique, but I never really know how far to hold the phone from mouth using the earbuds. So i was 2 inches from it. They said I probably sounded like I was yelling. Anyhow, we tested it in the office. Maybe they are correct, but I didn’t get to do the hearing part on my side. 

…ugh, quarter till two. I guess the ten hour nap last night will help my sleep deprivation this night for this day. 

…5/26/17 1:50pm

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