Chicken or Eggs?

I’ve been catching myself talking on the subject that I just wrote about. Not like it is bad, it just feels more like rote memorization. Like when an event happens and a story emerges, but then it becomes more embellished each time it is told. Suddenly, a story may become a legendary happening. I know this occurs due to our flawed perception; just look at the scene of a crime, where several people have differing plots — details are missing from each story and extra details were added or supplemented for contextual reasons. The brain wants to make sense of the event & does its thing to give [you] a unique story. 

Since I write my thoughts out, I sometimes get to type about something before I talk about it. But that normally isn’t the order of operations. I tend to only write a few words if I haven’t already planned out what to say. Then my A.D.D. kicks in as I ponder tangent ideas and flow to other topics. Oftentimes, the original subject is like a diving board and the pool is rocking fiercely. By the time I look up and realize where I’m at, I’ve drifted far from the jump site. 

1:42pm on Friday, May 26, 2017

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