Work Fun

At my expense. 

Someone has stolen my shoes!!

Pretty sure I know who, but I have no evidence. And I really don’t feel like picking around while being watched. They want to see that. 

I am amused, though annoyed, but still it’s really funny. 

One shoe was gone… so I started talking about it to the guys across from me about the shoe. And then I look down to show AND that shoe is gone!! 


Now that was very sneaky. Taken from under me. 

Then a few minutes later, in strolls another engineer and behind me is one of my shoes on a bookcase. 

So who was it? 

…the standard jokester loves that this is going on whether he began it or someone else did. But was it actually him or the engineer who strolls?

One shoe is still missing. 2 engineers went to lunch. I wanted to wait til others left to look around the room. 


11:50am, Wednesday, 5/24/17

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