rainy wednesday lunch

It’s like I really want to go to the gym today, but the rain makes me resist. I tend to flow with nature when I can, following the attitude of the weather. Rain is for recovery. Rain enhances your ability to sleep. Whether the cause is reduced serotonin levels, atmospheric pressure, or what-have-you, the rain definitely makes people sleepy. 

…don’t fight it. If you do, you are faced with the challenge of fighting nature herself. For the reason you are sleepy is the result of generations of problems associated with being in the rain. The misconception that seems to be cropping up that playing in the rain doesn’t make you sick is mostly correct, but the problem occurs when an immune system is weakened. Then the rain very well could bring sickness upon you. 

Why fight the lazy mood at work? Just accept the fact that everyone isn’t up to normal speed due to the weather. I’m bout to go burn my afternoon energy on CATIA with pressing matters, but after that, I’m back to coolbreeze during the rainy week. 

5/24/17 2:12pm

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