Woooo. Finally!!

(again) it isn’t my first time, but I’ve had it for nearly a year. I followed the instructions found through this link. 

It was actually pretty quick. I stayed overly polite through the duration. I got MAC address numbers for my digi box and modem. I need to verify that these #’s match my equipment. I was quickly transferred to the appropriate phone person (not billing; I forget the name; it is in the link). This person asked every single question that the link [thanks! to billfixers.com] says Comcast would ask. Where I gave the perfect answers to. I had a slight conversation with the operator. And it was done. 

Now, I await a box to arrive to ship my equipment to Comcast (with) and hope for smooth transition. I also hope that the billing will be as stated: last bill in two weeks, pro-rated to ~$33.00. And not a recurring nightmare on my bank auto withdrawl. Because Comcast is known for that sort of nonsense. 

Either way, it is a great step towards reasonable living. I already lowered my cell bill — where data is now unlimited. So, having wifi is pointless assuming reception/quality is agreeably the same. I had plans to enjoy Destiny 2 on PS4, in a couple months, but I can still take my tv and console and 50 foot ethernet cord to a friend’s house for a LAN party and really nerd it up.

My TV has been unplugged for 3 months?? I don’t know, it’s been a while. I only used the lame digi box once. Whatever. I miss Netflix occasionally, but there’s an iPhone app for that. I got headphones. 

As conclusion for the Comcast (until followup blog):

The site suggests to say you are leaving the country… err moving there… out of Comcast’s sticky little fingers. 
…if anyone asks… I’m moving to England next week, but I have no idea what part of the country……and I have no plans as to my return…

5/23/2017 Tuesday, 7:22pm

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