Free-Food Monday 

I didn’t pay a nickel for food on yesterday. 

There were something like seven eighteen-packs of glazed Krispey Kremes up for grabs at work. That turned into breakfast, lunch, & snack. I must have eaten a dozen or more. 

Then at mom & dad’s, they cooked a premade pizza. And Mom decided to bake a cake. 

…I took home a healthy (well not exactly healthful) chunk home to eat at midnight. 

It’s not very often that I go a whole day without buying food. Much less — not even eating bought (by me) food. It was kinda nice, but too bad it was nearly 100% non-healthful foods. 

*got mom to play Dominion. And it was fun.  She wooped me twice. I want a rematch!!

**i really have no idea how to categorize posts like this. I have twenty categories it seems. But what matches this non-theme?

5_23_2017 Tuesday, lunchbreak, 1:41pm

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