I’m chillin’ in the car. Looking at the facebook. 

Truck pulls up in my rear, blocking the cars adjacent to me and myself from exit. Dude steps out, looks around, grabs at his crotch in a thuggish manner. 

I’m at a stop light. Waiting to go. 

I hear thumping. I look in the rear view to see the top of a head, slouched to the left. Pulling up next to my car at the light, I can barely see through the tint. The window is rolling downward. 

I’m at Kroger. Watching a video on YouTube. 

Skinny white dude walks across the parking lot. Like a hyena, notices my car and mozies my way. I look up and he is b-lining towards me. 

I’m driving slowly down the road. Trying to get to a friend’s house. 

I wait for a pedestrian to cross the street. Then another man steps out from the side of the road near my car. 

What happens next?

#1 The glove box is opened. 

#2 I place my hand on my glock. 

Don’t usually get to #3, but if so, that is to place it in my lap. (*Chamber a round). 

That is it and it makes me feel much better. I have had full, several minute long, conversations with strangers while holding my gun under a towel or the like. I always wonder what kind of vibe that adds to the conversation. 

See the orderly glovebox. There is one pen. There is one Glock 40 caliber. There are two magazines holding 15 hollow point rounds each. Everything except the pen fits well in my holster. 

5/19/17 Friday!!! 5:10pm

*I have recently removed my bullet from the chamber; worrying over kids access to vehicle. 

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