Back into fitness mode…

I started playing around with the bostaff more again. Bought two sizes of pvc and a galvanized steel rod — cut at around 6-1/2 feet long. 

The 3″ (I think) diameter pvc pipe is great for side training grip sizes but was purchased a couple months back to be used as a toughening tool. Hitting the sides, ribs, chest, arms, etc with a broad, bouncy stick was the aim. I do this occasionally to build resistance. 

Lately though, I’ve had three little kids with home-made pugil sticks wearing me down. I’m learning a bit more defense, as that’s not my strong suit, I think it’s actually great training. They have endless energy and it is crazy difficult to keep up with them at times. I’ve been thwacked directly in the face and head multiple times — just today. Yesterday, I took a ton of abuse too. 

I did cartwheels today — first time in like five years. Going to the left with a cartwheel is like riding a bike. To the right, though, feels like I’m throwing a ball with my left hand. The stance is akward and it seems backwards due to being right handed. 

…yet I wonder if it is due to eye dominance. 

…or since the left arm is my strong arm for activities; the right arm is the control arm. It’s perhaps more comfortable using it for initial impact. 

…I attempted to slow the roll into a headstand, but that was short lived and fell on my face. 

…sprinted a few times, jumped on trampoline till my legs gave out on me, threw stuff in the air, kicked soccer balls, lots of stick fighting… plus actual shoulder lifts using pvc pipe and 1 to 3 kids ranging in weight from 40 to 50 lbs — variations of one and two arms; seems like (4 x single kid)+ (8 x 2 kids) + (7 x 3 kids) + another 12 single arm with 1 kid. It was quite intense — especially with minimal rest (allowed). 

Think it was two and a half hours of barefoot, drenched in sweat, play in 90 degree weather. 

Oh and I did this yesterday too. Minus the sprints, trampoline, & cartwheels!

5/15/17 Monday, 11:02pm

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