Vacuum idea

Toying with the air hose after filling with my tire, I sit in the car and dust the surfaces. Often, the dust is too thickened or too stuck to the plastic and nothing much happens. I blew all the FOD from my change pile; crumbs flying everywhere. 

This air machine gives a bunch for 75 cents. 

I turned the tip towards the carpet and the pressure blew a clear path of sand out from the carpet. The 1/8″ path of air had bulldozed a full square inch in seconds, leaving pretty blue carpet. 

…yet the debri was only blown inches away. The air ran out. 

Then two days later, I needed air again. I quickly went for carpet after the tire. I managed to sweep a patch of six by six inches. Fairly quickly. I did realize in process that if a vacuum was added to the region, then the dust could be collected. 

A brushless vacuum is basically the idea. Using air pressure. I’d imagine this gas already been applied to vacuums  — I wonder how well it works. Strap say five to twenty of the high pressure air nozzles with a broad stroke vacuum. Air knocks things into the air, vacuum is the large net. 

I wish my car was prepared for a sketch. Perhaps later. 

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