At lunchtime, I realized that I’ve missed a beat in my daily programming. 

This morning, upon waking, I hopped into my jeans and found a nice dress shirt. I found the shirt in the suitcase that lies in the hallway. That suitcase has barely been touched in a year and has clean clothes still within. The jeans were from weed-wacking a couple days in a row. 

I did not stop at the gas station to change [into] my dress clothes. And I did not change into shorts or even t-shirt for Lunch Break. 

So, this was the 1st day of around thirty (40) or so of consecutive work days that I did not perform the odd dressing ritual. I’ll have to lookup the actual number; I had an original post about this after a couple weeks from the habit’s birth. [add link here]. 

We shall see what happens on Monday. 

As a note on the same basic theme: VanDwelling, I promised to go to a friend’s house and I almost regret it. 

…which is total nonsense. I would like to see them anyway — why else would I say I’d come by?

But now that I’m lounging in the Walmart parking lot, eyeballing HomeDepot ’cause I want a new tube and/or end caps for it, I see that I am missing-out on the opportunity to get a good night’s rest in the backseat. Like last week, I could awake and head to Forsyth for my carrot juice– having a fifteen minute head start on the drive. AND adding the lost twenty minutes of driving [home] tonight. 

5/12/17 Friday, 9:39pm

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