80% chance for rain 

The optimist in me always shifts into gear when talking weather in Savannah (GA). By saying there’s an 80% chance, they actually mean it is the same as 50% of all days. There is a high humidity level that provides easy rain with proper temperatures. So, chances are, it very well may rain. Likely around 2 or so if it does — with light sprinkling all day. Unless there is a front that is drawing foreign clouds into our area and then it might rain like “dogs & cats” for the full day. 

Either way — what does it matter to me? I create minimal obligations, leaving plenty free time to do as I wish. If it rains, one event is skipped and I do another. I’ll miss stretching in the sun like last week, but maybe I’ll finally make it to the library for my box of donations. 

That is a real 50/50 chance of rain to me. 70% means nothing to me. 80% is barely more convincing. Unless you start talking like you actually know what is extremely likely to happen, then you can plan on me tuning you out of my scope of interest. Your fancy rhetoric is just that. Your science is in infancy and your predictive analysis is far less accurate than a basic farmer’s almanac and those are created in chunks of years — not days. 

Negative Nancy can complain about the undesirable future. I’d rather plan for two outcomes and pick one to choose when the time is nigh. 

5/13/17 Saturday, 30 minutes past midnight 

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