Checkout my tent. 

I hear what sounds like a kid playing outside. But I dunno cause there’s no voices – only dragging and rolling. It’s like an RV park without the grass. There is a pond out behind the chain link fence. Last I remember, there were a thousand turtles that’ll swim to you as you walk up. A hundred fish do the same. The guy who found this spot and told me about it was initially scared, saying he got really creeped out when a water-bound swarm headed his way. 

I’ve been paranoid but not worried about the spot. Parked between 2 vans. 1 van parked at a 45 degree angle and didn’t want neighbors. I figure he may get harassed before me. 

You tell me who gets harassed first because I really aren’t sure who looks crazier:

1.  Grey mini-van with dark purple tint with bubbles parked way crooked. Various colors of tape applied to the vehicle for who knows what. 

2.  Red car with tint parked well – with a blanket canopy over the seats, creating a “tent”. 

I have a feeling you’ll say me. But who gets harassed by the local bacon first? 

I really don’t think Walmart cares though. 

5/7/2017 Sunday, 11:11am

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