Jeez it’s nice out 

Used the facilities at a nearby park after sleeping in the backseat at the wall-mart. I believe walmart has a policy that lets travelers sleep in their parking lots near major interstates, but that may just be for RVs and Mack trucks. 

Today, the weather is odd. It feels like a new spring day. It’s strangely cool and it is already 10am; the sun should be causing sweat to leak from my skin. I’m glad I had a coat in the car for this morning and a large, green towel as a blanket last night. Though it made me want to buy another fleece blanket like I’ve had before. Those are ultra thin and actually keep you warm better than most full-thickness comforters. 

Off to get my Saturday juice. I will be there by 11am for one, then likely get another a bit later. Perhaps a coffee at The Bean. Then I’d like to hit the chiropractor before board game time — sleeping in the car does kink my spine a bit. 

…But who knows? Not me. 

5/6/2017 Saturday, 10:16am

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