I’m attempting to model some Gundam dude. I have a picture for reference. I’m not creating a duplicate, but a near copy. 

…here so far, creating a piece every day or two. And each piece will likely be further editing, copied, & revised eventually. It will be a slow process.

Yes, using CATIA at work, but fully off the clock. 

5/1/2017 Monday, 8:50pm

A couple days ago, I 3D-printed what I have so far. It’s not much more than above. My attention has been focused on other things lately. 

Not really sure what scale it ended up at. I was using near 2 cubic inches of material. I believe, 1.84 is where it landed for volume of plastic. 

  • Material: PC polycarbonate 
  • At full scale, the thicknesses of those materials would range from 0.080 – 0.20. Ultimately, it is a human sized model. 
  • However. I believe the idea of GUNDAM is that these robots are actually huge. Like 6 stories tall. But I dunno or fully care as of yet. 

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