Missing iPhone

I lost my iPhone today. It disappeared between bed and a friend’s house. It is practically coincidence, really, but I don’t believe in coincidences. 

My personal space does not need to be clean. Matter of fact, I am likely the most disgusting person I know; yet, I attribute that to being highly adaptive to my environments. The only problem I have with the chaos is when the mess becomes disorderly. I need to know where my stuff is. It may appear messy to [you], but I know where all my useful things are. I may not know where important things are, like tax documents, but I know where regularly required items are located. 

Going without my knife used to be maddening. I would feel half-naked — or a better way that a “normal” person could relate: like I didn’t have my shoes on. 

…whoever reading this is saying that (that) is a poor example, but it is absolutely perfect. (not including work – shoes are required at work, sadly). 

…if I forget my shoes, woopity-doo, I probably didn’t need them anyway. Well, if I go in a store, I could use them. But I don’t feel they’re needed. If I go to the mall or a school, I will actually need them. Or perhaps I need to walk for distance on too-hot asphalt, shoes would help. 

Now, if you forgot your shoes, you are screwed. You haven’t adapted your feet to acorns–much less for asphalt. 

… the comparison: shoes are great and all for when it is required, but I rarely need them (except in the office). You’re totally fine not having a knife, except when it is needed. 

The knife of ages past is the cellphone today. It’s nice to have; I like having a computer in my pocket. But it’s not needed except for (for) important phone calls. Leaving it at the house was a bummer, so I went back to grab it. Within the next hour, I had given both my room and car total overhauls and organized them. But no phone. 

It got me thinking during the ride to Mom & Dad’s that if it weren’t for the fact that I need a phone to find a new job, then I may would up and ditch that thing for a while. 

…and that got me thinkin’ bout ditching Comcast internet. I have been going along with others’ thinking: keep internet for wifi & for when I eventually have a roommate. A reconnection fee could be avoided and I could save phone data. 

…but I regret it, as usual, to go against my gut reaction (from months ago). I had planned to cut the bill, yet instead, I have been shelling-out 70 bucks each month. I’m barely home since I am anti-homesick (I want to be anywhere but here). My cell bill is outrageous on its own and I cannot imagine that has been reduced by little wifi. AND verizon now has an unlimited plan — so now it is really pointless. 

…my tv has been unplugged for what must be two months. I am primed for Destiny 2 on ps4, which requires internet, but that comes out in the fall. Hopefully by then I’ll have a payraise and make a decision to turn back on. 

And that got me thinking about working on my house again. It’d be great to sell and be done with this place; Break my binds and run for the hills. 

I later found the phone. It was on the back porch. 

5/1/2017 Monday, 12:28am

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