I kinda wish 

I kinda wish that I could finish more things that I start. Or that I would care long enough to do so. And that during a conversation or thought process, I could finish my original train of thought. 

With that being said, I’m fine without those abilities. When I commit to something, it tends to stick a while. Perhaps too long. But my main point, as I’ll try to stick with, is mainly faulted by curiosity. 

…while I talk to you, I’m thinking about other stuff too. Then when you talk to me, I aim to listen with full attention. Yet with the slightest query on my part that doesn’t fit the bill, I get stuck… [1]this is where school sucks to me. I get bogged down by the question that leads to more questions (if necessary), and if you do not allow my question into your directive, then I stop listening entirely and wait for you to stop talking. Is that rude? Is that nonsense or can I even change the way I listen? 

…I mean – if you refuse to acknowledge my query about your topic and it has to do with understanding your topic in a deeper way, then does it not seem that you really don’t care if I actually relate to what you are saying? And by confirming that perception, can you see why I stop caring what you say?

….I’m done for now, maybe I’ll finish after my chiro session!!

[1] the teachers say this often when asked beyond their care at the time: “that topic is not required”. 

…are you joking? You will deprive a thirsty spirit of otherwise essential information that led up to the reason that your topic even exists?

…go get a job and leave teaching to teachers; you are a bad teacher. 

5/1/2017 Monday, 6:23pm

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