Coincidence or Not?

I went to Kroger for that sweet gun you see. I got some snacks since it was nearly midnight; got to feed the gremlins. All the nerf merchandise had around 15% discount, so that was great. 

I walked out the store and said howdy to the nerdy kid who was rounding up carts. I’ve seen him out there often and he’s kinda pathetic. I’m really hoping that pushing carts around for a few hours a day will help him gain some physical prowess — cause he has none. I’m sure he’s seventeen at best and weighs barely more than a wet hound. 

He tells me, “thanks for not using your panic button.” (Paraphrasing)

“Do what?” (That’s me)

“People use their panic button to find their cars.”

 . . .

“It scares the crap out of me every time.”

“That sucks man, well I just look for the bright red car — there’s not too many.”

“Well have a good one!”

Yet as I walked out from the store and I saw that nerdy little kid. I thought: I’m gonna scare the hell-outa that kid.  Muhahaha haha. 

Then as I got near halfway to him, I decided for once that I would not try to scare the boy. 

And then I had the short conversation with him that would have never happened if I scared him with the lock-beep button. 

…I don’t really believe in coincidences. 

…not at all. 

4/28/17 5:07pm

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