Saturday plans as of 10:47am on Saturday 

Board game night plans interrupted by incoming family that I’d forgotten about, but I’ve known about. Due to crazy two weeks of work stress that I don’t care for. 

But we will play something. Though I suggest that we crash the game night with 2 old ladies that also enjoy games. Afterall, it is only fifteen minutes from the house. 

…Mom could even quit cooking plans and we go to Cheddars or something. 

I’m about to go meet a brand-new caveman (and cavewoman). I want to bring bags of rocks to carry around during a walk as primal type activity. But I really don’t expect them to comply just yet. 

I want to buy a new tether for my iphone (to car). But I also want to cut mine open first, to maybe repair — dunno. But cut it open anyway. Are there still Radio Shacks??

I want a green juice and carrot juice. I must go to a Forsyth for that. 

…The Bull Street Library is open for a bit and nearby the juice. I REALLY need to update my resume by re-writing my job description & update the company info. Then I can toss it on CeWeekly for sending out to hundreds of potential engineering companies. Stick it on the hot-list. Then cross my fingers and pray. 

I may go do sprints & chin-ups at Lake Mayer. And I’m kinda wanting to hit some golf balls at the range–it’s been a while. 

…And I’ve been waiting for that non-natural stance that was taught to me has faded away. That was against my gut to listen to the advice initially… so I regret it, but oh well. I want to go back to my natural swing of: pick up stick, hit ball. 

…that’s all it is anyway. 

And I do want to just sit in the car after buying my 16 oz carrot juice. Listen to podcasts with my feet out the window, reclined in the sunshine with my hat brim pulled over my eyes.  

And JEEZ I miss having a truck bed to lay down in. Having a car sucks. I don’t think I’ll ever have one again — unless I already have a truck. I really hate the lack of utility that the car offers. 

  • I cannot jump curbs without damage yo the vehicle 
  • I cannot toss a bike in the vehicle 
  • I cannot carry loads like straw or weed wackers (without smelling gas for a week)
  • I cannot relax on the side of the road on lunch break in the sun
  • I cannot fit in the car as well as even the smallest Nissan trucks I’ve had
  • I c

….Hey it saved, I am in Savannah now. Battery died on me. It finally has charge at 2:16pm. 


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