On Sundays, I have a tendency to think about dinosaurs. I think about what killed them off. Was it a cataclysmic event or did some ancient form of humanity rise and gain power over them? 

Did they perhaps begin to become educated like us, losing their own connection to the planet and causing their own demise?

It all is crazy. It all seems invalid yet in theory — just as believable as humans ascending from apes or dust. 

Though, at the level of a single dinosaur, I wonder how the dinosaur viewed his crumbling existence. I wonder if he thought he could affect the changes happening around him and to himself. Was he aware of what was causing the deterioration?

…When the other dinosaurs’ health around him began to decline, did he assume they were causing their own problems too or did he believe the environment was the cause?

If dinosaurs were in our mindset, then…

His doctors would say he was ill and talk until their timer went off, but by the time they were off to see the next patient–they still hadn’t explained well enough to bring the sick dinosaur up to a sufficient level of understanding. 

When he returned to the herd, other dinosaurs would ask what he was told. They would likely take all the information as full and complete information. The dinosaur doctors are educated by the finest scholars afterall. They would all concur with the doctor, admiring his dedication to the craft of doctoring. 

But as time passed and none of the doctors’ treatments worked, did the dinosaur (let’s call him Fred) begin to doubt the doctors? Did Fred believe that the medicine would eventually work or that it just needs more dosing? Did Fred believe he may could have been misdiagnosed since the illness hadn’t faded? Or did Fred think that his body isn’t reacting properly to the medication?

When a treatment did not immediately show results, does Fred give up all hope in the treatment – assuming no goal was reached? Or does the dinosaur think little bits of healing occur with each dosage?

Did Fred ever look around and wonder if maybe the doctor was full of crap when he promised symptom relief while forgetting to explain the consequences of a surgery? Did he feel like he was treated with respect when he spoke to his doctors when they didn’t have time to explain the cause and effect to a level of non-doctor? Was Fred even allowed to legally take the medicine that very well may treat him or did the doctor think it was all hub-bub?

Did the dinosaur actually want to regain a healthful status or was it somehow pleased by watching the downward spiral? Was Fred in a destructive phase of his life — attempting to see how far down the spiral actually goes — waiting for a muse to inspire him to want life again? Did Fred believe that a god was punishing him… did he even believe in a god at all? Did he believe he was cursed by a witch or a gypsy?

Did the dinosaurs reallize that they must want to help themselves if they want to get better?

Did Fred ever realize that he may not even need a doctor? Or was he brainwashed like the rest of society?

Too many questions. Without enough contextual evidence, we will never know how the common Fred looked at his situation of impending doom. 

…Did he see it coming?

…Did he think he could stop it?

…Slow it down?

…Did he believe that his fate was sealed?

…Hopeless or Hopefull?

…Ignorant or Educated?

Healed by men, by God, or by nature?

Would you take one over the other in preference or are you too pingeon-holed by your beliefs to allow one to never happen?

Easter Sunday, 4_16_2017, 10:47am

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