Shoe Saturday 

As I left work on Thursday for the three day Easter break, I removed my shoes and tossed them in the trunk and told a coworker that these will stay here till Monday. 

I broke the vow due to filthy running shoes (from weed-eating a few months ago). I decided to attempt to bring both my car and Dad’s truck to his house. So I ran (sprint/walk) 1.6 miles to Rincon Chevrolet to initially grab his truck, driving it home. 

Then I used a method that is seldom used, due to pure laziness of most people, to drive two cars to one location. I bunny-hopped with the vehicles towards the destination. At first, I aimed to only leave a gap of 80 yards or so to maximize sprint time. I gas out quickly in sprint, so a long distance forces me to walk more. 

The system: drive car beyond the truck, pull over on the shoulder, open door and immediately sprint (confusing everyone watching). Then doing the same with the truck. 

This worked great for two miles or so. I would leave both vehicles running with the a/c full blast in the red car, but the truck was a hot box. Had a water jug in each vehicle and PEEPS & tator chips in case I needed food as I hadn’t eaten yet. I did end up eating seven chips for salt intake (I sweat more than any human I know) and drank a full gallon of water. 

The pace began to slow since I’ve really only ran a sum of a mile over the last two years. I began to leave nearly a quarter mile between vehicles, turning off the engines and locking the car; the truck didn’t have guns, cash, and valuables to worry over. 

I ended my bunny hop soon after assisting a stranded lady with an overheating car. I was fairly exhausted, yet attempted to do another hop. It was only an attempt as some shmuck had their loud, angry-sounding rockweiler in the yard. I felt threatened and returned to the truck. As I passed back by while driving, I saw that it was tied to a stake in the yard (poor fella). Either way, I felt done and drove the rest of the way to Mom & Dad’s and received a passenger trip back to the truck (where the lady was). 

I had one country chick holler at me from her yard, “THAT IS HILARIOUS!!”, I hollered back a thanks (I am certain it is hilarious to watch). And another overly redneck chick tried to pick me up; I declined. 

I know I’m gonna be sore. I nearly cramped up three times during the board game Meetup. 

I have finally just eaten a large meal at IHOP. Though I’d only eaten four or five hundred calories since this time last night. How does this sound? Corned beef hash, two eggs over medium on top of grits with hashbrowns, and four pancakes loaded with syrup and extra butter!! Mmmmmm. 


No Shoe Saturday makes more since to most people, whereas Shoe Saturday sounds like a typo. Like, DUH, shoes are worn every day. But I tend to go months of wearing flip flops as the highest form of foot protection and only wearing those in minimal bursts during the weekends. And for sprints on asphalt, I went for shoes because I wanted long distance. But I stopped wearing them a mile or so in — then I rotated barefoot with flip flops depending on the terrain. 

…I really hate that I broke the no shoe vow. I would have been fine without them. I just can’t sprint on bad asphalt over long distances as barefoot or at all in flip flops. And I do not qualify flip flops as shoes on weekends, or rather the minimum cannot be avoided due to the over abundance of rough asphalt and paranoid-to-be-sued businesses. 


I tracked the pace, but never mathed it out, here is some summary:
1st 1.7 @ 68 minutes 

Next 0.9 @ 17 minutes
Next …I stopped counting but ended at around 2-1/2 hours total for around 4 miles plus the first 1.6 miles. 
April 14, Good Friday, 2017 (11:08pm)

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