Comment to blog post while searching “CAD Workstation for rent”

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Stumbled upon this while looking for a CATIA workstation rental. After reading half, I realize this is a fashion blog and I am an engineer!! As such, I design within the aerospace field, but sadly cannot quite afford a $50,000 per year cost for a lisence (plus a $3,000 cpu to properly run it). 

However, I could afford to rent a cpu and a few hours per month of use on the shareable lisence. There are many specialty workbenches available that I’m sure cost a fortune to buy. As occasionally the hundreds of engineers within our network (at both Gulfstream & B/E aerospace jobsites), we use ALL available lisences and must ask for others to drop theirs. 
With that said, within engineering, you could offer CATIA (aerospace), AutoDesk – original CAD: Inventor for mechanical, Revit for architectural (they actually have rental software now), SolidWorks is huge in many industries, Unigraphics is dying, & other industry specific cadd software. 
For people like me with thousands of ideas that come and go and get sketched on paper. Well that’s great and all, but ink in on paper only illustrates so much. I want to look at it and add details and build onto my one sketch. 
For the idea, preferably I’d like a “school” to go to. Where I use a workstation with high end monitors and have a chance to meet other like minded folks to exchange ideas and perhaps even business ideas. But school sucks; they charge fees for things in which I care not and force you to take multiple classes… I want one class: drafting/engineering. 
Even though I cannot relate to the group of pattern-makers specifically, the idea is great to me. But given the fact that my perspective disagrees with most, I have serious pessimism towards the idea for a productive investment (of $$). If you are able to find a few individuals to begin with and can finance, I would go for it. 
The best ideas have ALWAYS been doubted by society. 
…Undercutsyou, 4/15/17

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