“What do you think about the Paleo diet?”

That all depends how interested you are in the subject. 

To elaborate my distate for a pure “paleo” diet would probably take three hours of topics. 

STRICT Paleo is fantastic short-term. But you really should begin to incorporate fruits (daily) within three weeks – fruit carbs is NOT the sugar you need to worry over unless you are eating over half your diet in fruit. 

Also, it is a MUST to incorporate lots of veggies early on. And I’d personally advise dropping all nonsense sugar a couple weeks while eating all the fruit you desire as snacks and meals — to smooth over the cravings. 

The reason for TONS of veggies in the early phase is to assist several factors:

  • Provide food for your gut bacteria 
  • *Greatly reduces cravings for nonsense food items 



* This is allegedly the result of increasing satisfaction of the (helpful) gut flora as it begins to takeover the harmful bacteria. The bad bacteria allegedly grows best in a sugary environment. This has been tested in real life trials on humans… errr at least on myself… it feels pretty accurate. 

Twenty past Midnight, Monday, 4_11_17

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