I’m tired of stupid car problems 

Got rid of black truck due to electrical issues. Now red car has them. I have an extended warranty; will it cover issues where the window is working – only sometimes?
And why am I already having battery issues?
So irritated by this car already. 
Wish I wasn’t still 4k underwater on a vehicle. (plus another 3k to Dad). 
I’m also tired of living in such a stupid location: 15 miles from work in one direction, 10 miles from family in another direction and 10 miles past work to get to recreation. I have zero need for anything within 10 miles from my house, besides grocery food or poor restaurant food. I also have nothing attracting me to my own house except a bed and shower. 
I’m sooo ready to be done with this place; I sooo should have been gone by now. 

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