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After reading this, I decided to take the test and to my horror, yet again, have been named an INTP. A month or so ago, I got the same result from another popular test site. But it drives me nuts because I have been calling myself an INTJ for almost four years. I do love the idea of being mastermind – much more than a silly explorer, but whatever I am really doesn’t matter. Hell, I haven’t ever fitted a mold, why start now?
Sorry for the rant, perhaps my own blog would be more suited for this, but I would love to see YOUR take on this flip-flop of personality profiles. 
To embellish, I found the test and hit INTJ several times over the course of two years. Never did it slip to another. Then after a long year, I tested again (twice now) as INTP. 
ALSO, I do see myself as a mix-mash of personality from the zodiacs. I am on the cusp (Dec. 22) of Capricorn (my sign) and Sagittarius. As I’m sure you know is a like pairing: Sags are warm & nomads & Caps are cold & rigid.
In this whole scheme, I can strongly relate to the INTJ and have come to find a magnetic attraction to others of the same personality. Yet, while reading this article in particular, I feel that I use both types of the thinking structures and cannot seem to decide which one fits best. 
As context, my flow state comes during design sessions with CAD. During TIG welding, weight lifting, and video games, I also gain flow. This works for my current profession as a designer using CATIA regularly. 
Though, in your description of flow, “What is something I love to do so much that the only reason I stop is because I’m exhausted?”, I have never come to exhaustion. They kick me out the building at close. I have sat at the computer for 17 hours straight, designing brackets for hydraulic lines on the G550, that was a REALLY SHORT DAY!!

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