And people say school is too expensive 

They must not have seen this superb course that only costs seven hundred and twenty two dollars per week. 

Sounds as bad as the last one that GA TECH offered. It’s a freaking joke. 

I’m guessing there isn’t financial aid offered.

6,500 bucks for 9 weeks of training. 

Like a job, except you get paid negative $144 each day!

And you don’t even offer a computer to use in the classroom, really?

Do I need to bring my own desk too?

Why don’t you add some accreditation to your program and offer a certificate instead of claiming that students will be ready for a Junior IOS Developer. 

…Or is your program actually going to add THREE YEARS of work experience, because that’s what it implies. 

Your fluff will hopefully not grab too many suckers.

With over 500 students at $6,500 each, you should have grossed over $3,250,000. But you still don’t offer computers. And you only give a half-assed offer for employment. 

…Can’t you guarantee a spot for top performers or are you just taking in any schmuck with a pile of cash and a MACbook? 

…And what do you mean, “if I stay in Savannah”? Is this a new Savannah based company? Are they here to stay?

…You associate yourself with SCAD. Again, how bout some form of school credit?

Wait a minute . . . Who said this was affordable?

Finally: truth.

When are future classes?

The founders, Nathan Hosselton & Max Howell, must have felt the need to sucker you in with one last attempt at the psychological con by informing us that he is warm and loving because he is a dog lover. 



I am so excited about this course! I love hearing all the exact details and as a technical person, really appreciate all the effort put in to allow me to see this program for what it is. 

Here’s the link to this class.

3_25_2017 Saturday, 11:31am

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