At-Work Motivation Lagging 

The environment of the workplace starts to make you not give a #*%@ after a while when everyone else around you doesn’t care. I know the attitude is contagious, but it doesn’t seem to be following a direct line around the building. In other words, the cause isn’t from a single host; the infection originally birthed itself in several areas at once. Now, suddenly, it is apparent that practically everyone is upset. 

After one guy quit, another, and now we wait to see if anyone else will get the courage to leave. 

I’ve never experienced a company’s atmosphere that I can feel comfortable within, so it bothers me that I feel stuck. I am the shifty one looking to leave, not everyone else. I can’t seem to find another job within my certain criteria and so it is with a couple others. But during the while of hoping to get out from the partially self created prison, we become miserable. At least this place is casual enough to joke around. Yet I’ve personally spoken with 70% of the workers and every single one is dissatisfied with similar situations. 

End of week is here and I’m excited to not be back tomorrow. Depressing. 

Was talking yesterday about this topic. I said that I’ve never kept a job beyond a month’s unappeal. Two months at most. Part of the reason I’ve had around thirty jobs is this fact. 

…How does a person become complacent about where and how they spend large chunks of their life?

…I can’t imagine. 

I like single person tasks like assembly, welding, design, and cable contracting. I can stave off unappealing people because I work alone. Unless you are my boss, go away – if I don’t need you. But in the office, politics and the need to fit-in becomes obvious since you are within the same airspace for hours on end. I can’t just hide away from your nonsense. 

3_24_2017 Friday, 4:44pm

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