Gym – 3/19/17 to 3/25/17




Today’s goal was to deadlift 160 kg (352.7 lbs). I failed, but attempted the weight and got almost halfway up the movement. My fingers unrolled and I dropped it. 

  • Warm-up with a few squats and a few flurries on the punching bag. Lots of stretching, then a short break. 
  • Then more stretching and warm-up. 

Deadlift sets:

  • 5 x 70 kg (154 lbs). 
  • 2 x 120 kg (264.5 lbs). 
  • 3 failed attempts at 160 kg (352.7 lbs). 
  • 2 x 140 kg (308.6 lbs). NEW HIGH
  • 2 failed attempts at 150 kg (330.6 lbs). 
  • 3 x 120 kg (264.5 lbs). 


Today, lifting 140 kg, is a 10 kg boost since last Fridays session. This is a 7.69% increase over 10 days. There was a couple days too much rest in there. The weight did not budge, not even a quarter inch on the first attempt. 

I plan to wait two or three days, depending on the way I feel and try again. No other weights planned until after. I want to boost the deadlift power as the new priority. 

Tuesday: I did a ton of reading at work and basically decided that I will stop my momentum towards wanting to do heavy deadlifts 3 cycles over 2 weeks. I’m beginning to understand the whys of it. 

…I’ll push the CNS BLOWOUT experiment towards a later date. For now, I can feel the effects and they are very much the same as effects from working too hard several days in a row – which I have done before. Just never from sports or training. 

…Crossfit dude at work thought my hamstrings would be really sore, but to his surprise, all my soreness is in my back. Upper mostly, and then lower near buttocks. My legs were pushed for strength, but as I explained: my weak points are found in this move – my legs and grip. 

…He suggested wraps or changing grip, but I decline that idea until the weight is actually heavy. 

But honestly, I have no plans to ever want to use “crutches” during training. The use of a mechanism to bypass a joint that actually needs to also be able to lift the weight is purely asking for eventual injury. What is the point of being able to lift 400 pounds with my entire body if my wrists or fingers can only hold 350? I respect the man and do not mean this as complaint or insult; the wraps movement has been in fill swing for years and I’m sure most people do benefit from it — in the short term. 



Continue to rest today, Wednesday & perhaps Thursday. The whole CNS deal probably isn’t to worry for me, but I will take notice and not burnout for no good reason yet since I’ve been gaining strength quickly as-is. 

…For Friday, I will plan on hitting all three muscle groups in a short time span. I don’t plan to lift heavy (up to 2 rep max). I’ll likely try to stick to as low as 4 reps. I don’t think I need to “overtax” the CNS – as they say – until I’m back to feeling fully rested again. And that will likely take a 13 hour nap on Friday night. 


Rest day, unless you count bowling. I will bowl tonite. 

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