Shifting Gut

I feel as though that terminology fits. My gut’s balance is shifting and my energy is being affected. 

From the last couple weeks of eating heavily & poorly, the bacteria in the gut seems to be shifting to crave more bad food. As in when going to the grocer for carrots & beets to juice, I let my cravings drive and I bought and ate 2 boxes of Pop-Tarts (cinnamon & cookie/cream). 

St. Patrick’s Day was Friday. As it is a Savannah holiday by design, but not observed by businesses, our bossman brought donuts for those who showed-up. One fellow from the back said I should watch it (eating several donuts) or “you’ll get the diabetes like me”, as he cut his donut to eat only half. I retorted that I’ll never have to worry about that. 

…Then I was assaulted with whys from a couple other folks. 

…I got a bit of a reasoning out, but there’s no 30 second explanation. There’s no five minute or thirty minute explanation. I don’t even think I could do it within a day. Much less with cited sources of information or evidence of proven theory. And my beliefs stem from bits and pieces of many wholer beliefs of others. I’ll probably even agree to some aspects of your reasoning, but not all. 

…Mostly, it is difficult to relay all the self study and research that I’ve done. That I believe that you have not even attempted nor will likely ever do so. And in that respect, I will never need to worry about those problems because I constantly change my eating habits to self regulate (or experiment). 


It was a bold statement: never needing to worry over diabetes. I actually do worry about it daily. Though not really. I admit that I have a sugar problem and know that if needed, I could at any time avoid it entirely, if needed. But I don’t need to. 

…I also realize that may have been in-sensitive. But I don’t care.

  • Why were you even eating a donut?
  • Why don’t you stop eating all that other crap food I see you eat every day?
  • Why don’t you research alternative ways to get off of diabetes medicine by lifting weights & eating vegetables and fruits more? ……….Matter of fact, if it weren’t for my active lifestyle over the last twenty years, I too would likely have diabetes. I’ve worked hard and lifted weights for many of my years and believe that has held back the gates on the disease. 
  • Do you even understand the science behind your medicine, why it is used, and steps to go through to get off of it?
  • Do you know you can get off of it? 


    Earlier in the week, starting on Tuesday or Monday, my stomach growls early in the day – around 8:30 am. 


    My gut is becoming too accustomed to high-carb food and is craving sugary crap instead of oranges or fried okra. And the hunger won’t subside. 

    …I haven’t had my stomach growl more than slightly, occasionally – in weeks. 

    Must shift into a different pattern for a few days. Or suffer the hunger another week. But this hunger crap is what leads to poor health. 

    3_19_2017 Sunday, 7:52am

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