Weld distortion query 

A little project for me at the moment is for a little fun. I have two tips from the 3D printer. The diameter of the tubes are 0.1050″. I want a smooth profile of the tubes – welded as a butt joint.

*Not as shown in pictures. 

…I want an axle to use for lego vehicle. Basically. 

I am consulting my welder to give advice. Going to print a tiny fixture that we can clamp into.

Welder comment:

“I know when I was a pipe welder the fitters would always tack things together UN square then the welders would always have a place to end there welding passes which would finish being straight. Tacking a piece of file straight usually causes the welder to fight to keep it straight, now if its already not straight you can focus all ur heat to the one spot in the direction you want it to draw to. And then it will end straight. Same thing as the nordam fixtures that pre- bow the tube before you weld it to be straight after you weld it.”

3_17_2017 Friday, St. Patrick’s Day, 10:03am

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