It is amazing how readily the body adapts to new ways, but it is much more efficient when it is the second time around. 

As for me, I’ve trained before; I have gotten strong and flexible. This time around, my body has the memory of what once was and can quickly get back to that state. 

…That goes for diet too – I have adapted the body to live off of mass fat and minimal carbs. Even though I don’t normally follow that plan, my body still uses the mechanisms that promote fat breakdown as an energy source. And since I eat at random intervals & occasionally fast, it stays in that mode…

I tend to always have differing goals and therefore train for different reasons. Along with a constantly changing mindset through the understanding of many views of nutrition and training, my methods have certainly honed to a more complex goal of overall fitness that leans towards abilities. 

The history of my training began at 23 years of age. My friend who is now a high school coach was a few years older and showed me good technique. [I did learn to squat properly in high school, but did not do much at all]. 

…At that time, my training aimed for a working man’s strength. I aimed for moderately high reps with moderately heavy weight. I rarely maxed out. And I used drop-sets every day on every workout. 

Advice I Ignored:

  • He wanted me to train for strength and focus on stretching more. 
  • He wanted me to max out once every couple weeks. 

Reasons I Ignored Him:

  • I’m hard headed. 
  • I would rather fail than try your way first. 
  • But mostly, my goal was to have good strength for working hard all day long. While still having ability to pickup heavy stuff. 

…A few years later, my goals changed to more or less vanity. But my training and diet hadn’t changed much. Yet I was very fluent in the study of vitamins. I read the driest book I’ve ever seen (twice!) about the mechanics of vitamins. 500 pages of awesomeness. I started creatine & protein powders. This was in the 24 to 27 age range. 

…Then as I opened my horizons: started school, started reading more about nutrition. Read several books and many websites. I was also opened up to yoga, self-healing, massage, chiropractory, and more. 

…I am much more rounded in knowledge and my perception is much different than the average person. I believe things that make others worry. Yet, I am my own laboratory, and I’ll bet my life that I am on the correct path. 

…back on topic. The muscle density is returning quickly. Strength gains will be swift until I hit my old peak. Which in all honesty was not very high. I was strong, but a different type of strong. 


The picture is the ~3,000 calorie potato. It is delicious and may be my staple lunch entree for heavy training. 

3_15_2017 Wednesday, 9:18pm

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