The ironic view of life that nothing really matters is what makes everything matter is something that I often ponder. Either while thinking of the true image of whatever God or gods there really are and of their intentions towards me or the full absence of a god – and how each is even possible, I come back to this conundrum. 

…Yet if a conundrum typically has an answer to the riddle, this isn’t one. I will never know until this life is over. I will never find out which religion (if any) are correct. I will never get full confirmation that the Christians who served to give me developed morals are actually the only true way to Heaven, nor that there really is a heaven (or Hell). And when I die, there may be nothing else. 

…It seems easy to just lean towards denial of religion or spirituality due to lack of proof. That is the educated path. And I’ve covered my base with a baptism that was done while pure in spirit – for the Christian Heaven. I don’t even know if Catholics have heaven or hell. I am screwed if Jews, Muslims, or any random cult is truth. 

…I can try to ignore my faith of a greater force, but that has been unbearable while experiences that defy logic have occurred over the last several years. I cannot participate in ignorance of an unproven religion, to continue to ignore the push from whomever seems to guide me through my obstacles, it surely doesn’t seem to be pushing me towards a particular religion. 

…Perhaps it is Satan. The guiding force might be Satan and I am doomed to Hell. If so, he deserves his credit as he has confused the world to split into a maddening confusion of conflicting religious views. Not to mention, creating other pagan cults that have overlying principles of peace and good will. Each religion fights for its position of rank in the world, occasionally attacking the others. Constantly creating radicals that crave the end of the world. 

…Nothing really matters. Some faiths don’t believe in heaven or hell, while others worry that your soul will escape if you sneeze! We’ll never know – maybe you are soulless and your hiccups are a curse by God. 

This was my Sunday post; while I think of others at church. I do enjoy the social development that church offers. I will likely participate again when I have a community that I feel part of to attend with that could be fun with less pretentiousness. 

…I would like to be part of for community outreach, to help offer jobs and increase their own lives. The message in its religious format could help as a secondary aspect, instead of the primary. The churches that are spread around within the individual faith’s doctrines should join forces to help those around, but they rarely do and the ignorance of that fact drives many people away. 

3_12_2017 Sunday, 11:59am

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