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I’m about ready to accelerate the growth process, but I’m still concerned with my own problems. It seems a common theme from many of the podcasts I listen to. The views that I hear are from successful people who actually reached their goals. 

Some of these folks have started from a fair state, but fell into a spiral that led them to the bottom. In the bottom of that spiral is a hole. And in that hole, there is only yourself to work on. If you do the work properly, nothing looks the same when you climb back out of the hole. 

Adjusting to the new view that you have of old friends and loved ones is a challenge that that is both simple and incredibly difficult. You lose some and draw others closer. Some are replaced, while others leave a void that has yet to fill. Though, with the mindset to continue on a better path, it feels “right”. 

Society as a whole has changed after climbing from the hole and opening my eyes to the bright lights of a new perception. As I look around and try to learn how to begin on the path, I’ve realized there’s many directions that I could take to get to the same destination.

…Each path that is examined through my scope winds around back and forth, up and down, and eventually lands at the peak of the mountain. Always leads to the top. Yet no matter which trail I study, there are always boulders smack-dab in the middle of the path – and some are large. 

There are rocks in my path now. But I’ve treated them like boulders for far too long. On my climb out of the void, I’ve stumbled a couple times. I’m ready to start the climb again. I’m ready to start a company. I’m ready to begin my wealth journey. I’m ready to find my place. But I gotta kick these damn rocks out of the way. 

3_12_2017 Sunday, 9:14am

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