Gym – 3/5/17 to 3/11/17

Monday: squats 

Tuesday: I thought I was gonna take it easy and go light weight. Started slow with squats, but then revved up to a 3 rep max of *205 lbs. 

squats (1 set per bullet):

  • 8 @ 95 lbs. 
  • 5 @ 125 lbs. 
  • And then I ramped up
  • 4 @ 185 lbs. 
  • 3 @ 205 lbs. 
  • 3 @ 205 lbs. 

Various other stuff like standing on one leg and holding the olympic bar overhead for as long as possible. Shoulder presses – a couple mild weight. A bunch of stretching. 

I was there from 8:00 to 9:00pm. 

*yes, still low – but high for now (90% body weight). 

**stomach was growling on the way here. Almost stopped at every store on the way here. Had pulled into the burger king lot & changed my mind. [You don’t need to eat to get energy]. I lifted heavy on a below-empty stomach. 
***I did eat creatine and lots of water. 


I went to sleep at 5:00pm. Got 11 hours sleep and another hour lounging in bed. Got to work, in my desk at 6:55am, today. 

…I feel very recovered from training and my two day slight headache went away. 


After work, paid $20 for 1 month at the Cohen Weightlifting Center. 

I love that place. I can wear flip-flops all around AND lift barefoot. IT IS A REAL GYM, where folks train seriously in the olympic lifts. They have elderly classes and programs for handicapped folks and for retarded kids. Local coaches bring their students, and there are several tiers of lifting teams in training. It’s great to see all the services that they provide. 

I did a really quick workout, I was in & out (with paying to sign in) in 12 minutes. I stretched for half of the time. Since I had quickly walked through walmart and back to the parking lot, I was warmed up. 

Squats: ~20 seconds between sets. I was done in two minutes. 

  • 5 @ 115 lbs. 
  • 4 @ 165 lbs. 
  • 3 @ 165 lbs. 

It wasn’t quite a 5×5 set, but it felt good. 

Then I hit two bags of golf balls with a friend. My performance was horrendous tonight. And the gnats were swarming. 

It’s 8:13pm at the moment @ Forsyth. I’m about to go attempt pull-ups & chin-ups. 

…2 pull-ups on monkey bars and fifteen minutes of shoulder – rotator cuff  – exercises & stretches using the monkey & parallel bars. 

…Have had a pain in left shoulder, old nagging obstacle to lifting – hoping to heal it this time around. 

…tomorrow, back to Savannah for squats & deadlifts (finally). I plan to feel it on Sunday. 


Squats: 5 sets. Last 2 sets went as:

  • 2 @ 225 lbs. (a new high, by 20 I think). 
  • 1 @ 225 lbs. 

Went down to the rack on 2nd rep. Oh well done there. Some stretching and then on to the big event. 
Deadlifts: sets with 3 reps each. 

  • Set 1 was too light, added weight after one rep – same for set 2. 
  • The final 3 sets were all at 130 kg (286.6 lbs). 

Those were extremely heavy. I may have broken form a couple reps, though i stayed strict as possible. I probably could have done another 30 pounds at best. I felt at near 95% max weight during the entire time. 

Yes, my feet were bare.

My weight of the deadlift setup above.

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