Gym – 2/26/17 to 3/4/17

  • Two days of squats followed by 2 days of rest. 
  • Bouncy House at bday party – several rounds in it. Jumping at the wall, flips, and chasing the kid. Fun stuff. 

I’m slightly sore from the bouncy house. Slight kink in neck from sliding down the wall onto my head. 

  • Chiropractor a few minutes ago. 

Now. I am at the Home Depot, aiming to check out canvas material to craft weighted vests/packs with rocks & concrete. 

I know the rocks are cheap. 

~$1 per 12 lbs. 


~$4 per 60 lbs. (just add water). 

  • Each have their own pros & cons. 

Then I must consult with Mom on feasibility. Thread strength. Etc. 

2_5_2017 Sunday, 3:42pm

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