Lose weight while eating daily donuts 

It sounds crazy, but it works!!

I’m ashamed to say, but I’ve been eating donuts practically every day. But I’m still in the shift from big gut to trim waist line. I couldn’t even walk beltless in my pants this morning. Kept slipping down. Had to hold them up. 

To think of my moderate results while eating 4,000+ calorie meals. I’ve just eaten Red Curry Chicken (estimated 900 calories), bag of powdered doughnuts (1,100), & 2 packs of brown sugar cinnamon Pop-Tarts (850). That was around 3,000 calories within a one hour block. 

…I will go lie down in bed and eat at least five more packs (2,100). Yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if I ate as many as eight packs before sunrise. 

AND I already ate once today. Ate a large serving of fried okra at 2:30. 

Checkout my health test results. The pressure may be a bit high due to that blood pressure sleeve having close resemblance to handcuffs. 

…the nurse at the YMCA administered the test. She says my results were good. I have no clue; I told her I stay away from doctors as much as possible. 

2_28_2017 Tuesday, 9:56pm

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