I have much disdain for others when they say “. . . is a fact” as their final argument in a discussion. 

I always immediately think, “how are you certain [this] is absolutely a fact?”

…We as a world don’t really have much knowledge. We study and test and theorize. While being very accurate at times, there are gaps in every theory that is based on assumption. 

…The accuracy is only as great as our ability to perceive it; otherwise, like with the actual structure of the atom. There is a huge unsolved mystery surrounding the composition. We just can’t see that tiny; if so, we’d know what the facts are. 

I see that in every discussion. I don’t argue. But some folks only know how to discuss their views through bouts of arguments. Often using facts to shut me up. 

…I may back out of your argument – Just to get you to shut up. 

…I’ve already lost plenty respect for you – due to your closed mind. 

2_28_2017 Tuesday, 10:27pm

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