I hold my breath during the slow times – hoping the company has the foresight to hold on to me. 

…And then the floodgates open and the more interesting aspect of feast or famine occurs. And you’re back to hoping that they realize the challenges that must be faced are actually a reasonable roadblock & that you really aren’t all that slow. 

Cause this engineering stuff can get tricky even though I’m just designing plastic blocks. The latest project brought way too much attention to my speed and it is being judged. That is quite fine, realizing that I have to occasionally learn new techniques or troubleshoot difficult problems. That project was impossibly difficult on my first attempt — but I guarantee that it will be faster and more steamlined the next time I give it a go. I’ll do that during the next slow stretch (hopefully not soon!!). 

For now, at 10:39 in the night, I’ve been thinking about work for the last hour or so. Through the ride home and after the grocery store. And now I’m writing about it to clear my mind. 

…get to go in an hour early (if I can, haha) and stay late for OT. However, there has been threats of physical violence from my bossman. [So, maybe I’ll decline the OT and draw a lawsuit.]…work place violence is not funny, right?

I need to get to sleep anyhow; I been running hard for a few days in a row. 

…Got home today after staying late, off the clock, helping out one of the welders for an hour. Opened the garage and all the doors and blasted some Gorillaz. Then looked around in the last bit of sunlight and decided to not do any work. 

…Was pumped with energy – almost went running. I don’t really like the running options that Rincon has to offer. 

…I bashed my shin – with the copper tube (makeshift bostaff that has knurled ends from hammering it into the concrete every day). 

…And cracked my head hard enough to wobble me – walked in a circle for a moment all wobbly. Decided to give that up after bout ten minutes. 

…and beet juice, fresh pressed. Seventeen ounces. 

Now stop thinking about fixture design and go to bed!!

2_20_2017 Monday, 11:01pm

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