Progress, Two Weeks In

I haven’t been on the blog much lately. Haven’t even written many drafts; I wrote three things that I didn’t publish. As I’d assume not post an incomplete thought, typically. 

One of the most difficult problems to solve is to create a great ending. One that satisfies the writer doesn’t make others happy. Traditionally, in Eastern cultures, the story just stops after the act is over. There are no happy endings for everyone, they are expected to keep living with the same difficulties that were always there. 

There’s no happy ending for me, only transition. The car purchase didn’t go as planned – it saves some cash, but not much. The yard is taking over two weeks to clear – started burning on last night. The house work is virtually the same, but I have refined the plan. There is a ton to do. 

As of now, the plan is to get the whole house minus the garage and master bedroom suite in working order. Then close off the master to the public eye and rent-out one of the rooms. 

…Then with the new 500ish monthly income, start finishing the other two rooms. The garage will be converted to another master suite; giving me 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. 

That would open up possibility to rent up to three rooms while living here. Ultimately, I like the idea of using the newly renovated garage as an AirBnB room. I’d like to get exterior door locks with a resettable digital codes for each bedroom door. Expand the driveway by six foot each way to be able to stack-in a few cars. 

It all sounds pretty great. And aggravating with extra hassle of living with strangers and collecting rent checks. But it sounds wonderful to have 3 people living here, paying 500 bucks each; while mortgage plus bills total around 1150 each month with a full house – that’s getting paid $350 to live instead paying 1000 per month. 

…I could potentially rent 4 rooms out, live somewhere else, hire a property management company to take care of the place and keep the rooms full, and still barely have any costs to my living expenses. 

… …

But I still need cash for a water heater, refrigerator, *dishwasher, kitchen countertop, microwave/oven hood, door locks, and possibly a washer/dryer combo. There are many other minor things on top of all the construction work, but that is mostly labor costs to myself. I do need an electrician and a plumber to finish a few details. 

…As a quick estimate, I need 5000 bucks to have a fully functional house. To get the first room going, I need almost half of that. 

…Enough for now. I am looking out through my window at a piece of pretty blue sky and I need to go set some fires while it is nice out. 

2_19_2017 Sunday, 12:39pm

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