I didn’t get any fire pictures from today as the iPhone was blasting tunes to the neighborhood through my Bose speakers. 

The fire picture is last night’s fire. I sat inside to stay away from toxic fumes from the old desk furniture and bits of pvc and plastic. I have a gas mask with the pink filters that are made for breathing in areas of strong chemicals. I probably need to change the filters really – have had the same filters for a couple years. 

The other pictures show the devastation, while showing the remaining nine foot weeds. I went at it for a good six hours today. Legs are scratched all over from briars – I refused britches for this beautiful day. My face is tight from the sun and smoke exposure. I’m aiming for a good Epsom salt soak tonight when I go to Mom’s house. 

But for now, the breakfast restaurant is calling. It wants me to order grits, eggs, bacon, and pancakes with extra butter. 
…Have only had water & creatine as fuel so far today. 


Looks like there may be some pictures twice. OH WELL I DON’T CARE!!

2_19_2017 Sunday, 6:08pm

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