Progress, Monday 

Worked a bit late on that pressure fixture. It was a major ordeal. I managed to work through my lunch break. [It is seven:fourty-nine and I have only had a cup of coffee since pizza last night!!]; slamming down nine and a half hours with only two breaks to walk-around to relieve frustration. 

I didn’t even finish the sucker, but I have a solid profile to work with. I just hope I can pull-off an offset surface to allow for a slip fit between the mating pieces. I just need eight thou (0.008 inch) of a gap. I’m certain I can get it to work in some fashion, yet I sure don’t want to have to recreate geometry for another four hours. I NEED to be done quick. But I can’t do it wrong either; the date required is always yesterday. 

Tonight at the house: I came home to see a small red fuel can on my steps. “Thanks Dad!” I have no money for gas or can after mine went airborne in the hurricane. I just cleaned around 40% of the front, a third of the side – that grass is crazy dense and over a foot THICK, a good swath through the back area, and knocked out a bunch of those briars that have been tearing up my hands.

It couldn’t have taken more than forty five minutes and it was kind of fun. I would have gone longer – felt much closer to nine (isn’t that typical ordinance time ?). 

Hunger is coming back, maybe I just need some water. With my minimal breaks, I barely drank twenty ounces of water at work – drank more than that in my first minute of being awake. 

I want to do some work inside first though…

… need to start an LLC. 

2_6_2017 Monday, 8:08pm

Just moved a bunch of flooring to an annoying location. 

  • The spot will allow me to pull flooring to all three rooms. 


  • I will build better agility as I climb over the obstacle daily. Great for the hip flexors. 

I also have the blue room 98% ready to begin flooring installation.

Well placed obstacle.

My barely organized tool closet.

Finished up at around 9:15. 

Nice long day again. 

I feel accomplished; that is well. 

2_6_2017 Monday 9:50pm

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