Inside, outside, and professionally made progress today. 

Starting with the professional side:

I am pretty certain I’ve found the solution to my longstanding roadblock. The issue sounds so simple to fix. Every novice CAD operator thinks it is a no-brainer; I did too, until I experimented. 
The process is very near what I’ve been doing. And looking at the solution, I am reminded of the quick description of CALCULUS. 


The basic idea being that all the voids of the lower half of the curve are filled with infinitely small rectangles that nearly fill the curve. 
I didn’t get to finish the fixture, but it was a breakthrough for me. The first fix took like eight months to figure out. And today with pressure on me to discover a way to create, ironically, a pressure fixture with an accurate representation of the tube, THE NEED FORCED ME TO FIGURE IT OUT. And I’ve been pondering on the issue for several days. I went to sleep thinking about and woke up with dreams about it. 

Second & Third Progess deal with the house. I am determining myself to finish the house and make some cash off of it. Not by selling it like I had been dreaming about (well maybe), but by using renters to help pay my bills. 
I have work in the garage needed anyhow, yet it is already semi-ready to turn into a studio. Without getting overly detailed at the moment, it could be pretty inexpensive I will need to get a permit; since I would remove the garage door and add French doors. A change in exterior draws prying eyes. 
I moved the pile of boxes, kitchen & bathroom appliances and furniture, from one room to the other. This way, the blue room is ready for flooring first. When finished, I can move all tools & bs that I haven’t quite detached myself from back into there. The green room is the master, I plan to do that after the blue, orange, and living room. 

Though I’m really considering painting before the floor. Sanding and all that horrible nonsense. I HATE PAINTING WALLS. I despise it. I loathe it. It needs to get done. 
I did minimalize a bit though. Tossed a trash bag full of nonsense. Including my chestplate from the Halloween costume; I was a soldier with a sword and wore a “kilt” (plaid shirt wrapped around my waist). One roommate, said he was Black Zoro. He was just a black dude who drew a Z on a white T-shirt. My costume was nade for a four year old. Haha. Fun night back in Statesboro a dozen years ago. 
And I have this box of books. Several are old Christian storybooks, children’s books, and the rest are financial investing books. I kept my Steven King, textbooks, and a couple other favorites. I’ll never read them again. 
But if I do – it will be available at the library!

Oh yeah, plus I got a few hours OT for this pay week. That’s great too. 


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