Progress, more 

An hour or so in to my four hour session of yard work and I looked down to see this: 

The bleeding had stopped. Little dirt in it now:

That just nature’s bandage. I’ll clean it up later and slap some raw honey on it. 
Got all my cutting instruments up to a sufficient level. Setup a nice rig with two flip flops, a crevice in my patio, and a belt sander. Worked much better than the whetstone, yesterday. They aren’t exactly sharp, but I won’t be wild while wearing flip flops and swinging it. 

I used the orbital sander for the flat side of the hoe blade. The hoe is a much better worker now.
2_5_2017 Sunday, 4:34pm


Here is the bandage – forgot to wash it last night!

Yes, that is a drop of raw honey. Since it is on top of the knuckle, it shouldn’t drip on my keyboard. 
2_6_2017 Monday, 8:25am

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