This is fodder at best

This cloud system was my favorite this week. 

Could not yank my camera out a couple mornings and missed a couple good ones. 

I swear I saw this exact same cloud on yesterday. Yet I was in a whole different town and originally saw it on January 18th. 

I think it’s stalking me. 

This picture is reminiscent of the photo that I took in Athens, GA. My friend got a large print developed and hung it on his wall. 
Though initially, I was driving and wanted a shot of the crisp moon in the purple sky. There were four quick clicks and this one came out the best. 

The phone pole in the corner, at night, with power lines running down a slope

*Didn’t have a category to throw this sucker under. I went with under health stuff – non gym in a subfolder Clouds & Dreams. Thought maybe under psychology, out of box, etc but in reality I would prefer to break up the pyc group and put that under health stuff, move gym into health. Really-tons of reorder, but it’s a pain on the iPhone and super slow on the substandard laptop. One day, /wink. 

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