Golf Driving Range

Smacked some golf balls. 3 bags worth. Temporarily free, I’ll cover next week. 

I got nice range, pretty consistently diagonal – over my left shoulder. So if I crank my whole body toward the bystanders, I smack it straight. 

My friend tells me earlier: you need to spread your feet apart for a strong stance . . . Otherwise you’ll need to be really flexible and have great balance. 

I have a narrow stance, feet like six inches apart. He says shoulder width is more proper. I watched him and the other couple guys out there, they were all the same. I see the reasoning and attempted the stance during last night. 

So I said, what I got out of that is that I really need to work on my balance and flexibility, huh?

Cause I did smack that ball nice. I just lack the distance aiming and club difference. But I’m game-ready. 


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