Saturday Night Juice Session 

Here is my setup. Both knives were sharpened pre-cutting. (And) resharpened midway through.

Everything is organic. I washed the beets & greens to remove dirt. All else needs no prep – except cutting.

Some peel was left on. And a bit of unblemished peel was kept. To make a disgusting but healthful tonic.

This is post cleanup. And cleanup is quick. Though, I rinse the assembly each time the pulp container fills, perhaps seven times.

My juicer. A graduation present from Mom (for Drafting Technology Associate of Applied Science).

18 oz bottles. The box works great to use as a storage to keep out of the light.

The delicious juice.

Red is ~98% beet. Orange is 100% carrot. See below for other details.

The beet & carrot are in the center. The reddish color on the end is not the beet juice. 
I attempted to leave one each container pure with carrot/beet. Then be able to mix as desired before meals. 

The beets did not quite fill the container. I made a concoction of juices that didn’t affect the taste and topped off the remaining ounce or so. 

The green is a very citric juice, where I added tons of cucumber to neutralize, but it wasn’t enough. This is a strong, therapeutic juice. 

The reddish juice is the remaining bits. The last juice created. I re-ran the carrot pulp, added the few remaining chunks of beet, a chunk of ginger (about 2x the size of my birdie finger), and everything minus actual scrap (bowl on far left of main picture). I pushed most of the carrot pulp through, using celery stalks. This drink will be really tough to drink, but it’s gotta be great for you.

# I’m about to go hold my breath, hold my nose, and chug some down. 

## Even though that’s not the proper way to drink juice. Juice should be swished in mouth to activate digestive enzymes in the mouth – since there is no chewing to begin the normal progress. 

### I will take digestive enzymes to aid with the loss – and post the reasoning behind this one day.  And then update this with a link of why.  


Juicing on last night, January 21st. 


That’s ~75% carrot 25% beet. It’s nice and sweet.

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