Observations during my diet transition 

Starting on Monday at 2:30 with a store bought, $5 beet & carrot juice. It was MLK day and I had been sick all weekend. The juice filled me slap up, as during the last four days I was eating around 1,000 kcal/day and my body needs around 2,200. I gained a surge of energy, but needed to drive home. It seemed that the sunlight became brighter and I could read signs from far away; text on road signs was crisper. As a CATIA reference, the cull rate was at minimum for me at the moment.

Arrived to mom/dad’s house and made some of my own beet & carrot juice. I shared some sips around and for myself. Then saved a 12 oz serving, which I drank on the way to work the following day.

Instead of drinking the juice as planned, I ate a couple pieces of pizza. The pizza came from a local place who bakes tasty pies. I ate two slices of vegetarian that tasted pretty good. But when I took a bite of the meat lover’s, I was disgusted and brought the rest to the cat on the porch. He licked the toppings off and no one else complained.

My distaste was due to psychological issues along with physiological ones. Since I am attempting to stray away from eating meat, during my cleanse, I already didn’t really want it. And because of the practice of eating clean for several days, my taste buds or gut flora or whatever want real food. 

I have run across the typical roadblock of juicing and I’m at a stuck place of not having a kitchen to work in. So, I need to find a working sink or my veggies are going to rot again (as expected, but sooner than hopes were at).
Today, ate a handful of raw cashews mixed with chocolate covered coffeebeans. Then ate 4 organic oranges (with a few bites of peel!) before leaving work. And I have come to realize, after eating junk food last night (6 nutter butters, a rice crispy treat, and a granola bar), I felt a little crappy in the stomach this morning. It did not sit well after eating zero junk for a week.
I realize that I would rather not eat than eat foods off of my no-list. Including meat, bread, and dairy. And I’m hesitant about eggs, only as a partial violation. I have no problem with hunger now – again. It is a passing thought; once dismissed by drinking a cup of water, it dissipates. I’ve gone days without food in the past – even during weight training sessions and lived. It is an ongoing experiment.

1_18_2017……to continue……

After a 20 hour fast, went to B&D for a 3 bean burger, non-meat version with sweet tator fries. Though I did have a pretzel bun to violate my terms – no regrets. It was tasty and at least 50% within my plan. Funny to note that I am stuffed beyond fullness, but I still feel a sensation that may be hunger. Maybe it’s the movement in the stomach or thirst – unsure. I am sleepy now – have only gotten sleepy after eating bread products as of late.

Beforehand, my urine was bubbly. In my understanding that is fat deposits and shows signs of ketogenesis (or sign of a urinary tract infection). I’ll have to note a difference or not after my next bathroom trip.



Today, Friday, we had a chili contest at work. I skipped, but I wanted to contribute a non-meat version. So, with no kitchen, I passed. I got picked at a bit for picking the wrong time to go meatless. I didn’t miss much.


Juiced a ton last night. Got 4 big bottles. Link.


Tuesday morning, weighed 230.5
At work, 1st use of 1/2 tsp charcoal & 1/4 tsp clay

Hot pot

Sunday morning, Jan 22, weighed 229

Monday morning, Jan 23, weighed 228

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